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Explore our collection of thousands of stock photos of domestic and wild animals and travel scenes. 

We have a wide variety of photo types from natural light outdoor scenes to carefully extracted PNG images on transparent backgrounds for easy image compositing.


Though our partners at Fine Art America

A curated selection of our best animal images and travel scenes to liven up any room in your home.

Prints are available on canvas, acrylic, metal and other surfaces. Select from a wide variety of photo gift items including fleece blankets, coffee mugs, greeting cards and much more. 

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Eelephants Conneecting

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License images through us and help to save the lives of pets.

Our rescue group photo program provides complimentary images of homeless pets to shelters for their adoption ads. These images are then added to our stock photography library to raise funds to keep this program running. 

Susan's professional pictures help to show our pets to potential adopters in the best way possible, which in turns leads to faster adoptions. We hear time and time again how much the personality shows through in the pictures. If a person doesn't connect with a pet via a picture, they are less likely to inquire about the pet. 

Jodi Polanski - Lost Our Home Pet Rescue


Susan breaks down all she has learned over many years of building her successful stock portfolio Her laid back style and tell it like it is approach is refreshing, fun and super informative.

~ Natalie, New Hampshire

From quick tips to comprehensive courses.

Learn how to capture, edit, cut-out and composite images through Susan's online digital courses. Access your lessons on-demand any time you want. 


Philanthropic adventures for creative spirits.

Local and international adventures with professional photographer Susan Schmitz and animal artist April Howland

We not only provide exciting opportunities for exploration of nature and wildlife, we also coordinate opportunities to educate guests on important conservation and humanitarian efforts in progress in the areas that they visit. We aim to inspire guests to aide in these efforts by sharing their experiences through their art to raise awareness. We will teach them effective ways to generate sales of their creations and the importance of giving back a portion of proceeds to the charitable organizations that run the projects that they just visited.

Our adventures are hosted by expert photographers, artists, local guides and NGO project leaders.

Our mission is to provide creative spirits with a unique art and philanthropic centered travel experience that inspires global impact through creativity, connection and conservation.

~ Adventure Artists International